[IPython-dev] Index and public link to our notebook example collection

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Sun Feb 17 23:26:21 EST 2013

Hi folks,

one thing we've been needing badly is an easy way to link to at least
our official notebook examples.  I went ahead and committed without
review an update to the docs and website (I didn't touch any core
code, it's only a readme and a script in tools/), so now we have a
real index:


This is something we can point anyone to and that has immediately
accessible links to all our intro notebooks.  I've updated the front
page with this and an official link to nbviewer, which was long

In the end we'll want nbviewer to do this automatically, but in the
meantime it's an ok solution so we have *something* that works for
direct indexing of our examples.  The script is a quick hack, but I'm
in a huge rush and can't generalize it now.  We can clean it up later.

Matthias, get those analytics going :)



ps - devs: if you add/remove/rename any notebooks, simply go to the
examples dir and run


that will re-generate the index file README.md.  As long as the title
list doesn't change, there's no need to do this, so it shouldn't be a

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