[IPython-dev] Multiple IPython notebook server same port / Proxy / Launcher.

Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 18:19:58 EST 2013

Hi list, 

Pushed by PR 2694 [1], I was wondering If i would be feasible to host multiple application 
along side IPython notebook on the same port, just routing by url.

This is how is born ipython-notebook-proxy[2] which allow you to run multiple notebooks and applications
on the same port (yes port 80 I think of you, 443 you'll be next, stupid work firewall I'll get you one day).

For convenience right now, it drops you in a node-REPL where you can do 

> start('/aaa/',8888)
> start('/bbb/',8889)
> start('/ccc/',8890)
> start('/ddd/',8891) 

And it will gracefully start 4 server accessible at


With a little training I'm sure it can do it with your user's logins, and by selecting port by itself.

Before quitting don't forget to issue a

> stop_all()

Configurability for now is None.

But routing rules can be changed live without dropping the current connexions. 
Possible use with mplh5canvas or anything else not to have to **worry** about port. 
Or in browser galery's demo [3] (not sure if it use a separate serve still…) 

I'll be happy to get feedback, and test under high load/ big number of connected user to 
see how it holds. 

PR are welcomed, 
Will move to IPython-organisation owned repository if it has lot's of success when a little more mature. 

Already available on NPM so no manual install ! 

$ npm install ipython-notebook-proxy 

And happy new year. 

[1] https://github.com/ipython/ipython/pull/2694
[2] https://npmjs.org/package/ipython-notebook-proxy
[3] http://cyrille.rossant.net/galrys-story-or-the-quest-of-multi-million-plots/
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