[IPython-dev] D3js and IPython

Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 14:28:22 EST 2013

Hi !

It look really great : 

A few comment : 

Obstacle 1
def x():
	from IPython.core.display import Javascript

you probably want to `return Javascript('alert("a")')` 
Am I wrong ? 

Obstacle 2:
 same : `return HTML()` I guess...

Please, please, please don't inline script.
We will in anyway prevent script in output so this will become useless anyway. 
Which will deprecate _js_repr_ (at least make it useless) but Brian Json-handler branch 
ill work much better to do what you want. 

Obstacle 3/Obstacle 4
Will be solve with brian Json Handler branch. 

You probably want to inject your own library in the notebook, 
which can be done via custom.js

draft doc : http://elacave.lmdb.eu/~carreau/yui/classes/IPython.customjs.html
use $.getScript(url)
for example :
$.getScript('d3.min.js') in you have d3.min.js in .ipython/profile_xxx/static/js/d3.min.js

You might be interesting in 

To join effort. 


Le 8 janv. 2013 à 17:26, lecast a écrit :

> This is a new thread but it is born out and related to a  previous discussion
> <http://python.6.n6.nabble.com/experiment-remote-execution-of-jquery-and-d3-code-into-the-browser-via-ipython-td4633053.html#a4955237> 
> . The goal there was to live update figures created with d3js in IPython
> Notebook. It was suggested that a solution would be to use widgets, which I
> have to admit I did not have time to understand so instead I decided to
> create something that produces the end product I was aiming at, i.e. take
> output from Python, use d3js to create a table/figure, use some blackbox,
> have the output visible in the notebook (or be able to save it elsewhere as
> svg/html/png/etc).
> You can find an example notebook with a lot of custom tables and some
> figures  here <http://nbviewer.ipython.org/4484816/ipyD3sample.ipynb>  .
> They are all created based on data from Python, rendered in PhantomJs (in
> that case I just copy the html, but PhantomJs allows for conversion to other
> formats), and then published in the notebook.
> I created it for myself, so there is hardly any commenting in the file (I
> know, bad), but I have been using it for a few months now and it works
> really well. D3js has some great modern visualizations coded in and it takes
> only a few days to learn the syntax by doing.
> Personally I think it would be really nice to make it into an
> extension/package, but I lack experience/time to do that.
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