[IPython-dev] New developers looking to help

satshabad khalsa satshabad.music at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 23:36:57 EST 2013

Hi IPython community,

My friend Zack (cc'ed) and I are seniors at Cal Poly Pomona studying
computer science. In our current class we have a term assignment to go out
and find an open source project and submit two patches. We wanted to
contribute to Ipython because it's awesome. I use it all the time to start
prototyping python projects and even as my calculator. I also think the
Ipython notebook thing is pretty rad as well.

We were wondering if anyone was willing to give us a few nudges in the
right direction as to which issues would be good ones to work on? They
don't have to be easy (in fact we get more points if they're not).

If someone wouldn't mind pointing us in the right direction please get in
touch. I've started reading the developer's
getting an idea of how Ipython works, but as for choosing which issues
need work, and would be do-able for 2 students in a matter of weeks, I'm
not so sure. I hope that from this school assignment I can become a regular
contributor to the Ipython community.

Thanks and keep up the awesome work,
Satshabad Khalsa
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