[IPython-dev] Feature and scope creep in IPython

Nicholas Bollweg nick.bollweg at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 23:23:02 EST 2013

Sorry guys, bad pitch! Thank you so much for the input! Let's try this:

fra.gl is a browser-based app for visualizing the relationships between the
community artifacts of open source project such as repos, issues, pull
requests and collaborators.

Like I was saying, it's a bit of an pre-alpha release of some technology
demonstrations that I wanted to get more functional before releasing more
broadly, but thought it could contribute to the discussion here.

BTW, even after logging in, firefox doesn't render anything.  I had to
> log in with Chrome to see anything...
Issue created! https://github.com/bollwyvl/fragile/issues/8

 Sorry, I'm lost here. I see a small image that appears to be the cover
> page of an example notebook rendered in reveal.js, and
Again, a proof of concept... that is an HTML->PDF->SVG of the most recent
reveal.js demo of nbviewer I had at the time. Part of the concept is having
data-driven SVG presentations that may include project data... right now it
is just kind of bad build powerpoint decks.

a set of buttons across the bottom that don't do anything.
Yes, these need to be hidden until a more thorough implementation is made
of them and explained... for example, adding new project streams to a
configuration. Added to ticket.

> The page you describe as 'metameta' doesn't really make anything clearer.
 Definitely, need to add some more explanatory stuff to the SVG up front...
however, the issues created right now do already show up there :) In a
sense, this early feedback from you guys serves as the direction for what
it should become.

Issue created! https://github.com/bollwyvl/fragile/issues/9

Thanks again! Will update in separate thread.
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