[IPython-dev] Feature and scope creep in IPython

Nicholas Bollweg nick.bollweg at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 01:53:15 EST 2013

> Can you elaborate on how to interpret the "graphical depiction of comment
> stream"?
I am struggling with the right perspective, which probably means it needs
to be a lot more configurable, and as you point out, labeled... it shows
much of the same high level information as the avatar view column, but
could show a trend such as "there was a lot of activity up front by core
devs, then they didn't comment much".

Here's the current scheme, as implemented:

   - Marks: each block is a comment
   - x: date of comment from (right to left) creation of ticket to
   tomorrow: off by one feature of my use of d3, i think :)
   - y: which # of comment on that day (5 comments will be a stack of 5
   blocks)... not super meaningful, except in aggregate
   - color: collaborators (e.g. IPython committers) are shown in one of the
   d3.scale.category20 colors, "others" in grey.

> This looks really cool.
Thanks for the encouragement! Banging out bugs/inconsistencies right now,
but really, really want to get back into the visualization parts! I think a
touch more interactivity would bring out this content a bit more... for
example, tooltips seem like low-hanging fruit (as I already have the user
and full text sitting around... watch the API burn!), while I really would
like to pull the touched paths from a pull request and light them up when
you hover a ticket... as well as generally indicate "hot" paths across pull
requests, showing where the "wild west" is.

> I agree that the toolset that github provides can be really improved.
Hey, they're doing great stuff! The new task list thing is really cool...
haven't looked into what it looks like coming off the API, as that would be
a great way to show progress on a ticket, which otherwise would have to be
pulled out of the unstructured text (bleah).

> Jason
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