[IPython-dev] Feature and scope creep in IPython

Damián Avila damianavila at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 14:32:08 EST 2013

We  really need that core developers expend their time in few but well 
defined features.
As a user, and a beginner developer, I want to get more features 
(probably is a tendency of all of us)... but we really need to 
understand that our wishes are not good for the project as a whole. The 
community of user and/or other developers can/have to develop *modular* 
enhancements to fit their needs, but outside the main project...
We have a structure to do this kind of stuff... and this is because we 
have a solid core...
So, we need that the core developers concentrate his efforts to maintain 
this solid core and to get it even more solid, with the proper features.
Few but great features... defined by the current scope (that would be 
great if it is explained in detail by core dev).
In this way, we can go further with stronger steps...


El 15/01/13 15:58, Brian Granger escribió:
> One point: while some of our scope and feature creep problems can be
> solved by good workflows and tools, others can't.  I don't think we
> need tools to better manage more and more new features, we need tools
> to help us better manage fewer new features *well*.  And maybe that is
> another way of putting it: I am arguing for quality, not quantity of
> features.
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