[IPython-dev] nbconvert: trouble with the new style sheet

Jacob Vanderplas jakevdp at cs.washington.edu
Thu Jul 4 12:10:50 EDT 2013

I've been working on adapting the recently-merged nbconvert refactor to
work with my Pelican blogging plugin, and am having a really difficult
time.  In particular, the header content produced by the new nbconvert (via
CSSHTMLHeaderTransformer) contains a lot of extra stuff compared to the old
version.  This is conflicting with the default blog theme, and leading to
some results which are not very pretty.

In the old iteration of the notebook plugin, I used about half a dozen
regular expression replace statements to modify the stylesheet & content
and make it play well with the blog style.  My hope was that the new
nbconvert would be flexible enough to obviate the need for this sort of
text-mangling; in reality the required text-mangling in the new version is
much more extensive.  I've been working at it for several hours, and still
don't have a suitable solution that leads to nicely-formatted notebooks
within blog posts.

For those of you familiar with the new nbconvert: what is the reason for
the changes in the default CSS styles between nbconvert 1 and 2?  Is there
a good way to recover the old style sheet within the new codebase?

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