[IPython-dev] Internet Freedom

Carl Smith carl.input at gmail.com
Sun Jul 7 14:12:09 EDT 2013

The main question, I guess, is whether IPython should explicitly
support causes at all. Normally, an org will focus on it's own
problems, regardless of its members views on non-related issues. That
said, Mozilla and PHP have joined the IDL. Of course, Moz does have an
interest in this issue, but PHP doesn't, at least directly. I just
felt a little disappointed that it was PHP and not Python that I saw
on that list, and that left me confused; I've always thought it's
sensible to have different orgs for different problems, but
nonetheless felt the PSF should get involved.

This issue is not especially relevant to IPython in particular; I
approached this community as it's one that I feel close to, it's very
diverse and it has a long-standing tradition of contributing to free
software. I should have perhaps made it clearer that this isn't
IPython Dev stuff; it's just a topic this community should perhaps
discuss. There's no urgency, but, in the long run, IPython will
probably need to address the industry's political issues on some
level, even if the decision is to simply leave it to specialist



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