[IPython-dev] Notebook: File Browser

Carl Smith carl.input at gmail.com
Wed Jul 10 00:02:36 EDT 2013

I noticed that there's still plans to add a GUI file browser to the
dashboard. Can I just ask why we can't have a magic to open a
notebook? The Notebook already handles every file operation, except
opening notebooks, so what does adding a GUI file browser buy anyone?
especially if there's some kind of shell or single cell interface in
the dashboard.

It'd be nice if I could call `ls` in the Notebook and have the output
clickable, so each file would be a link. Clicking a directory would cd
to it, clicking a notebook would open it, clicking an image would
render it... something like that. That way user could still click
their way around the file system, just hitting links instead of icons,
and adding icons is easy in a browser, but probably going a bit too

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