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Nitin Borwankar nborwankar at gmail.com
Sun Jul 14 19:46:19 EDT 2013

I use a git repo with directories off the root named


Then inside the notebooks I can access the data with relative paths.
When someone else clones the git repo the paths remain valid.
I use github as the exchange point for sharing the repo with
notebooks+data+images ...

This has worked well so far.
the images and data dirs could also be off the root, but this scheme worked
better for me.

Nitin Borwankar

Nitin Borwankar
nborwankar at gmail.com

On Wed, Jul 10, 2013 at 9:24 AM, Francis Reyes <fereyes at lbl.gov> wrote:

> Hi
> I'd like to associate data generated within the notebook with the actual
> notebook for that session.
> Right now I'm writing files to the file system, but that places the
> additional burden of having the manage the data storage.
> [1] How are people dealing with the task of storing data (which may be
> specific to that ipython notebook, or even better, specific to the
> notebook's session).
> [2] Is there something (existing or planned) in the API that allows me to
> store session level data in the ipynb?
> Thanks,
> F
> Francis Reyes
> Advanced Light Source
> 1 Cyclotron Road
> Berkeley, CA 94720
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