[IPython-dev] First experiences and usability suggestions for notebook and nbconvert

Damián Avila damianavila at gmail.com
Tue Jul 16 16:22:24 EDT 2013

El 16/07/13 12:56, David P. Sanders escribió:
> 3. Notebook issues:
> - Keyboard shortcuts:
> I am a keyboard person: for me, all functionality which is accessible 
> via menus should be assigned a (preferably modifiable) keyboard shortcut.
> In particular, it seems that split cell, merge cell, and close and 
> halt are currently missing shortcuts.
> - Similarly, could there be toolbar icons for split and merge?

Hi David,

Jonathan as already answered some nbconvert-related things...

Regarding the splitting issue... We have a large discussion some days 
ago about that, you can see the details here: 

To resume, the split shortcut is was merged (yesterday) in the current 
master. But not the merge shortcuts, maybe after the land of the 
dual-mode editor we can discuss again about that.

In the mean time you can use custom javascript files to add icons for 
the split and merge function to the toolbar: examples of custom 
extensions of this nature lives here: 

Hope it helps!

Saludos ;-)

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