[IPython-dev] [ANN] IPython 1.0.0a1

Maximilian Albert maximilian.albert at gmail.com
Mon Jul 22 07:49:50 EDT 2013

Hi all,

first of all, congratulations for getting the release candidate out
and thanks for everyone's amazing work and efforts!

Just a few minor issues/comments related to my first attempts playing
with the new nbconvert:

(i) When using the LaTeX converter on one of my sample notebooks and
running pdflatex on the resulting .tex file, it complained about a
missing file 'adjustbox.sty'. Obviously, fixing this is just a matter
of installing the 'adjustbox' package, but Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (which I'm
still using) doesn't provide this in any of its packages (however, as
of 12.10 it's included in the 'texlive-pictures' package). It is no
big deal to install 'adjustbox' manually from CTAN, but I guess some
users might appreciate not having to do that if there is an easy
workaround within nbconvert that avoids using this package.

(ii) I noticed that nbconvert creates a subdirectory called
'nbconvert_build' in which all output is placed. It took me a while to
figure out how to configure the output directory (namely, using the
option '--FilesWriter.build_directory', which was only mentioned when
I used the --help-all switch). Since I expect configuring the output
directory to be a common requirement, I'd suggest adding a simpler
command line switch such as '--output-dir', and also mention this in
the basic help text.

As a side note, without any options I would have expected the 'main'
output file (e.g., foo.tex when using the LaTeX converter) to be
placed in the same directory as the input .ipynb file and only
auxiliary files (images etc.) to be put in the 'nbconvert_build'
subdirectory - which I'd personally find a bit cleaner. No big deal,
though. (And I guess there are reasons for doing it the other way.)

(iii) I believe this was mentioned in a different thread already, but
I'd suggest renaming the format 'full_html' to 'html' as the latter is
much more intuitive to guess.

Thanks for your time and best wishes,

2013/7/22 MinRK <benjaminrk at gmail.com>:
> First alpha of IPython 1.0.0 is now available, please give it a test drive.
> http://archive.ipython.org/testing/1.0.0
> Probably the quickest way to install:
> pip install http://archive.ipython.org/testing/1.0.0/ipython-1.0.0a1.tar.gz
> Lots of new stuff, especially in the notebook. Also significant performance
> improvements in IPython.parallel and qtconsole, and a revamped input
> transform system that should be much better behaved than ever before. Plus
> loads of bugfixes all over the place, of course.
> For a quick summary, see what's new.
> The most significant addition is nbconvert, accessible now as ipython
> nbconvert [mynotebook.ipynb].
> nbconvert is going to be decidedly in ‘tech preview’ mode for 1.0,
> so we hope to hear from early adopters, particularly those using it to
> integrate IPython with blogging engines or writing papers or documentation.
> We full expect that by 2.0 there will need to be enough changes that some
> APIs will not survive from 1.0 to 2.0, so you should be aware of that.
> There will still be a few more adjustments to nbconvert,
> and more fleshing out of documentation before 1.0 is released.
> Please report any installation issues you encounter, that's the most
> important part of this first alpha.
> We are happy to get this out before our big all hands dev meeting this week,
> and only six days behind schedule (who said that July 15 was the target for
> final release of 1.0?)
> Thanks for everyone's contributions in getting us this far!
> -MinRK et al. IPython Devs
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