[IPython-dev] Linux default config directory moved in master

Thomas Kluyver takowl at gmail.com
Tue Nov 5 15:08:24 EST 2013

Another heads up about recent changes: on Linux, we have switched the
default config directory back to ~/.ipython (it had been ~/.config/ipython
for a few releases). We decided that having the same default across
platforms was easier for users, and easier for us to explain, than
following the XDG recommendations, which we weren't doing properly anyway.

In most cases, this will be taken care of automatically when you upgrade -
IPython will move your existing config to the new location. Older versions
of IPython can also use that folder if it exists.

The only case which will require manual intervention is if both directories
already exist. IPython 2.0.dev will now print a warning in this case. To
get rid of it, merge your config into ~/.ipython, and delete

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