[IPython-dev] New Data Science Initiative, aka where has Fernando been hiding for the last year?

Ozan Çağlayan ozancag at gmail.com
Thu Nov 14 09:16:50 EST 2013

On Wed, Nov 13, 2013 at 8:23 AM, Fernando Perez <fperez.net at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,

> This became a very significant and time consuming project, but today we've
> been able to publicly announce the outcome, during an event at the White
> House OSTP.  Rather than repeating in this email everything, I'll just point
> to a blog post I wrote with the rest of the story:
> http://blog.fperez.org/2013/11/an-ambitious-experiment-in-data-science.html

Hi Fernando,

That is such a big encouragement to all of us. As a research assistant
from Turkey, I was quite depressed from how things are working in the
academy, e.g. papers, citations, lead authors, attributions, no code,
no replication, etc. But I read your blog post and got some pointers
from that and read a lot of other stuff and now I know that I am not
alone (at least throughout the world)

But, I am quite alone in Turkey in these terms, so I just bought a
domain acikbilim.net (which means openscience.net) to spread news
about reproducible science, sharing codes, making people aware of the
open science tools, Python ecosystem, etc. I'd like to translate blog
posts and articles about the subject to Turkish and publish through

This community will change/is changing the world and you just
motivated me to do this in a Turkey.

Many thanks.

Ozan Çağlayan
Research Assistant
Galatasaray University - Computer Engineering Dept.

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