[IPython-dev] title and markdown cell alignment opinion...

François Deheeger francois.deheeger at free.fr
Fri Nov 22 09:23:56 EST 2013

Hi developers,

I got into the habit of watching the dev meeting on thursday evening and
found it very interesting (nice teasing on widget stuffs !). (Am i addicted
to real TV ?)

Yesterday, I felt concern about the first points, and wanted to share my
view on that.. So here is just another point of view about title and
makdown cells alignment... if it helps.

For the title stuff, i pretty agree that it needs a kind of H0 to define
the document title. To solve this, i choose to start all my notebooks with
a markdown cell that contains this HTML code:


# title

Deheeger   |   DTO/SIM   |   

last update 2013-11-22

<hr style="width:100%; color:#20435C; background-color:#20435C;
height:5px;noshade:noshade;" />


see attached png.

I am parsing this first cell differently in nbconvert to build LaTeX
documents and get the title displayed as a title.
In "presentation mode" or in "edition mode", this cell looks like an H1
title but the bar insists on the fact that it is not a standard H1. And i
do not use the H1 type of cell.

On markdown cells alignment, i really like the proposal of having an
indent. I am using this kind of indent in my custom.css and found it more
readable (My custom.css is a mix between BMFH notebooks and some other
pieces of examples from this mailing list.)
I think that it's a quite common feeling that texts are more readable when
not too wide, and so i reduce also the width of those md cells.

I do not feel too hard to see separation between code output and md cell,
but this is maybe because of the font choice. (well i have to admit that i
am not a big fan of the line separation... )

This was just the point of view of an IPython notebook addict (it becomes
my OS since a year). Thanks for making real your vision, we are enjoying it.

François Deheeger
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