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Fri Nov 22 12:29:50 EST 2013

Hi Francois,

Thanks for the points, we'll take them into consideration.

Feel free to log into our development chat room (
http://www.hipchat.com/ghtNzvmfC ) during the meetings, and you can chime
in as we're discussing things. We all have that room open during the

Best wishes,

On 22 November 2013 06:23, François Deheeger <francois.deheeger at free.fr>wrote:

> Hi developers,
> I got into the habit of watching the dev meeting on thursday evening and
> found it very interesting (nice teasing on widget stuffs !). (Am i addicted
> to real TV ?)
> Yesterday, I felt concern about the first points, and wanted to share my
> view on that.. So here is just another point of view about title and
> makdown cells alignment... if it helps.
> For the title stuff, i pretty agree that it needs a kind of H0 to define
> the document title. To solve this, i choose to start all my notebooks with
> a markdown cell that contains this HTML code:
> """
> # title
> François
> Deheeger   |   DTO/SIM   |   
> 2013-10-22
> last update 2013-11-22
> <hr style="width:100%; color:#20435C; background-color:#20435C;
> height:5px;noshade:noshade;" />
> """
> see attached png.
> I am parsing this first cell differently in nbconvert to build LaTeX
> documents and get the title displayed as a title.
> In "presentation mode" or in "edition mode", this cell looks like an H1
> title but the bar insists on the fact that it is not a standard H1. And i
> do not use the H1 type of cell.
> On markdown cells alignment, i really like the proposal of having an
> indent. I am using this kind of indent in my custom.css and found it more
> readable (My custom.css is a mix between BMFH notebooks and some other
> pieces of examples from this mailing list.)
> I think that it's a quite common feeling that texts are more readable when
> not too wide, and so i reduce also the width of those md cells.
> I do not feel too hard to see separation between code output and md cell,
> but this is maybe because of the font choice. (well i have to admit that i
> am not a big fan of the line separation... )
> This was just the point of view of an IPython notebook addict (it becomes
> my OS since a year). Thanks for making real your vision, we are enjoying it.
> --
> François Deheeger
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