[IPython-dev] Installing ipython notebook in virtualenv on mac

mcburton mcburton at umich.edu
Wed Nov 27 11:09:56 EST 2013


While this doesn't quite answer your specific questions about virtualenv on
a mac, you might check out the GitHub repository for the 2nd edition of *Mining
the Social Web. *Instead of walking users through installing Python and
IPython, the author has them install a linux virtual machine and uses
Vagrant to automatically build an IPython environment.

There is a screencast and instructions on how to set-up the virtual
development environment. I like this approach because it sidesteps the
problem of installing IPython and its dependencies on the local machine.

If both of you use a VM then you can have the exact same development
environment regardless of your host operating system (linux/win/osx).

Just putting this out as a possible alternative to your challenge.


On Wed, Nov 27, 2013 at 10:53 AM, Eric Matthes <ehmatthes at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I am trying to help a colleague get IPython Notebook running on a mac. I
> use Ubuntu, and I've lost track of everything I did to get IPython running
> on my machine. Right now, I can get IPython Notebook working in a virtual
> environment by running the following commands:
>     ~$ mkdir test_ipython
>     ~$ cd test_ipython
>     ~/test_ipython$ virtualenv -p python3.3 venv
>     ~/test_ipython$ source venv/bin/activate
>     (venv)~/test_ipython$ pip install ipython[all]==1.1.0
> After this, I can run `ipython --version` and I see `1.1.0`, and I can run
> `ipython notebook` successfully from an activated virtual environment.
> My colleague is having issues, I believe, with pyzmq. Can someone clarify
> what is wrong with these instructions, or what he needs to do to his
> overall system to make these instructions work? He has python2.7 and
> python3.3 installed on his system.
> Also, I am quite new to the list, and if this kind of question really
> belongs on Stack Overflow please let me know. I've been hunting around for
> a while, but there are so many installation instructions for various
> versions of IPython, and so many dependencies that I get lost pretty
> quickly in the existing documentation.
> Thank you,
> Eric Matthes
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