[IPython-dev] Viewing IPython notebooks in GitLab

Brian Granger ellisonbg at gmail.com
Fri Oct 11 13:15:24 EDT 2013


Thanks for letting us know about this.  This is a perfect usage of
nbconvert and I am sure the users of GitLab will appreciate this.



On Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 3:04 PM, Martijn Vermaat <martijn at vermaat.name> wrote:
> Hi all,
> At my institute we run a private instance of the GitLab software (a
> GitHub clone). We're also big fans of the IPython notebook, so the
> obivous result is many repositories in GitLab containing IPython
> notebooks.
> Unfortunately, clicking a notebook file in GitLab shows just the JSON
> source and because the raw files are not available anonymously, it's
> non-trivial to use the Notebook Viewer. (And many repositories are
> private on purpose anyway.)
> So I made a very simple hack that embeds an HTML view of a notebook
> directly in the GitLab page (of course by calling nbconvert).
> In case anyone is interested, I wrote some documentation here:
>   https://gist.github.com/martijnvermaat/6926070
> Direct link to the patched GitLab master branch:
>   https://github.com/martijnvermaat/gitlabhq/tree/blob-ipython-notebook
> cheers,
> Martijn
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