[IPython-dev] Parallel IPython: Spawn Tasks from Tasks, direct scheduling

Andreas Buhr andreas at andreasbuhr.de
Thu Oct 17 15:34:49 EDT 2013

Hi MinRK,

On 10/17/2013 09:20 PM, MinRK wrote:
>     And if I spawn a new task on a worker, and that new task is to be
>     executed on the exact same machine, is there a way to execute that task
>     without going back to the HUB/scheduler?
> If you spawn new tasks, they are submitted in exactly the same way as
> all other tasks via the scheduler. If you want it to run on the same
> machine that's submitting the task, why not just call the function directly?

Because I would like to have also task priorities and there might be
tasks with higher priority waiting. Are there task priorities in IPython?
Also because I would not like the task spawner to know where the task
will be executed. At the end, I'd like to say "Call function A on object
B with arguments C", and the system I am about to create should carry
the task to B's home and execute it there. And it should not go over the
wire if B happen to live on the same machine.

Thanks again for your help :-)

best regards,

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