[IPython-dev] IPython Notebooks, dissertations, and scholarly publication

mcburton mcburton at gmail.com
Thu Oct 17 16:55:54 EDT 2013


I am on a panel discussion tomorrow morning talking about "digital
dissertations" (broadly construed) and I was going to bring up the IPython
Notebook as not only a platform for interactive computing, but the Notebook
specifically as an emerging genre of scholarship in and of itself.

We have already seen published Notebooks being used for teaching
programming[1], as supplementary materials for a book[2], and even as a
platform for the book itself[3]. I  toying with ways to similarly integrate
the notebook into my dissertation (most likely as supplementary material on
Github due to institutional formatting constraints). But it would be
interesting to ruminate about the possibility of submitting a Notebook (or
set of Notebooks) to my committee.

I was wondering if there is anyone on this list who has similarly explored,
if only in your imagination, the IPython Notebook as a platform for
dissertations or, to be even more provocative, as a platform for scholarly
publishing more generally[4]?

I've been spreading the IPython Notebook gospel in various conversations
about new modes scholarly communication/publishing and people get very
excited. I'd love to hear what folks on ipython-dev think.



[2] https://github.com/ptwobrussell/Mining-the-Social-Web-2nd-Edition


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