[IPython-dev] Embedding IPython Notebook in Flask web app

Yang Zhang yanghatespam at gmail.com
Tue Oct 22 22:40:17 EDT 2013

I'm interested in embedding IPython Notebook in a Python (Flask) web app.

This web app essentially lets users browse/view datasets.  When
viewing a dataset, it would be great if we could add a button that
starts an IPython Notebook (pre-loaded with the dataset and some
utility libraries) to allow users to deep-dive into that dataset.

I know this has been brought up a couple times in the past but I'm
just asking again in case the situation has changed, since it's been a
while, and also our situation is slightly different - we're not
looking to provide generic IPython Notebook hosting, and we're not
worried about security (this is an internal web app to just our team,
all of whom have access to the underlying data anyway).

I'm basically looking for the Notebook server analogy to
IPython.start_ipython().  Any hints on the most straightforward route
would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

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