[IPython-dev] Sample ipython notebooks showcasing interactive graphics

Jason Grout jason-sage at creativetrax.com
Thu Oct 24 07:03:03 EDT 2013

On 10/23/13 11:20 AM, Brian Granger wrote:
> Oh I should also mention that the widget stuff in includes all of the
> basic widgets you would want (checkbox, slider, drop down menu,
> textbox, etc.).

I've glanced at the widgets, but haven't had time to look at them 
thoroughly.  I'm pretty excited about them, though.  I want to see how 
our interacts and your widgets might work together.  Maybe it would make 
sense move our interacts over to use your widgets as the underlying 
technology.  Or maybe it would make sense to make our interacts one of 
the widgets.



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