[IPython-dev] remove --script?

Alistair Miles alimanfoo at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 24 09:13:24 EDT 2013

Hi folks,

I was just browsing through the IPython roadmap and spotted this:

   - (M,3) Move .py export to nbconvert and remove --script

I guess this is a while off, but could I make a vote for *not* removing
--script? Currently I use this feature to make it easy to import functions
between notebooks. I.e., Currently I can have two notebooks on the go, one
effectively importing from the other, because each time they are saved the
.py is also automatically saved, which is very convenient. If I had to
manually export a .py via nbconvert each time that would be a pain, and
would mean the .ipynb and corresponding .py would easily get out of sync.

Btw very much looking forward to 2.0.

Alistair Miles
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