[IPython-dev] remove --script?

davidacoder davidacoder at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 24 13:27:25 EDT 2013

> If I remember correctly,
> This means that will remove script in favor of a more general mechanism
> would allow to trigger any conversion as save time. Like **always** save
> static html, or a static .tex --script is awfully restrictive to only py
> This mechanism will use nbconvert.

That sounds great. What I would find even better is if this was a
setting (if that is something that exists), or maybe there could be a magic
switches this on for the current notebook, or something like that?

> And also, notebook are importable thanks to an import hook which is
> somewhere in IPython, but nobody test it, and nobody maintains it.
> It is though cleaner than saving the .py file IMHO. Just saying'

Ha, this is EXACTLY what I need, thanks for pointing me there! For others
that might be interested, this is in 
examples/notebooks/Importing Notebooks.ipynb in the ipython repo.

Is this something that might move from an example to ipython proper
at some point? I believe this could be incredibly useful for many people.
Switching it on by default might be a bit intrusive, but maybe there
could be a magic that enables this?


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