[IPython-dev] notebook code editor

Jason Grout jason-sage at creativetrax.com
Thu Sep 12 10:54:15 EDT 2013

Is there a way to edit a plain python file from the IPython notebook?

I was talking to another person about using the IPython notebook to 
collaborate on a code library (using git, github, pull requests, etc). 
The notebook format doesn't work here because git merges can mess it up, 
etc.  I think they'd like to use the notebook to interact with the code 
(i.e., run functions, draw plots, etc.).  It would be cool if they could 
stay in the notebook to actually edit the library code.  What I'm 
imagining is that the initial notebook screen lists ipynb files and .py 
files.  Opening a .py file just opens a huge CodeMirror instance with 
the file and a save button at the top.




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