[IPython-dev] New IPython Contributor, help with development environment?

AJ Renold arenold at ischool.berkeley.edu
Mon Sep 16 03:40:17 EDT 2013


I'm a graduate student at UC Berkeley School of Information and have worked
with IPython in various classes and promoted it in others. As an
enthusiastic user and a student of Peer
I'd like to offer my time to contribute to IPython and have a question
about setting up a development environment.

Specifically I'd like to work on the open issue here (
https://github.com/ipython/ipython/issues/3653) to extend the Completer
class to handle auto-completing in the case of "from module import <tab>".

Getting started on this issue, I am having trouble setting up my
development environment inside of virualenv to work on editing
completer.js. I have tried the Development
Github and on IPython.org<http://ipython.org/ipython-doc/stable/install/install.html#installing-the-development-version>,
but both methods don't seem to work when I modify the file and then create
a new ipython notebook server. Is there a build process or something
similar that I am missing? If there is another resource on setting up the
correct development environment that I am missing please link me. I would
also be happy to add to the development wiki if these instructions are
buried somewhere obscure.

After getting this set, I plan to follow up that github issue with a Pull

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