[IPython-dev] pull requests

Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias at gmail.com
Thu Sep 19 08:06:50 EDT 2013

Le 19 sept. 2013 à 12:14, Cyrille Rossant a écrit :

>> I'm not sure I see where this state that PR should not be done gains master.
>> Anyway.
> Ah, I misunderstood then, PR should be made against master on ipython,
> but not necessarily on master on one's fork, right?

>> Usually you will push a named branched on your repo. and you ask to merge this branch into ipython/master
>> So github will send a mail
>> Cyrille want to merge crossant/my-awesome-feature into ipython/master
> So we should always use a new branch in our fork, and never make edits
> in master?

Technically you can. It is just a pragmatic reasons. 
	- Having people writing on their master increase chance of weird history is one submit many PR and then pull an update version.
	- when you speak of "master" it is not ambiguous.
        - it's easier for a dev to $ git checkout crossant/vizpy-integration as you know what you are expecting and it's easier to search
        - some commit are more descriptive "merge branch fperez/fix-bug-6374 into master" is better than "merge branch ellisonbg/master into master"
	- … 

Also technically you can cross-push branches, ($ git push github local-name:remote-name) 
so it happen to me to work locally on master and to push on gihub with another name, 
but those are details that we shouldn't expose to newcomers. 

This in one of the reason our doc says (or should say at least) that it is preferable to make the changes 
in named branches which names are as explicit as possible to help future workflow. It is not strictly enforced, but it's a good habit.


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