[IPython-dev] Missing IPython module on Dev Branch Installation

PRAKHAR gaur prakhar_aaidu16 at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 3 07:15:24 EDT 2014

I am new to ipython but not Linux.
Want to use a ipython notebook for some bioinfotool,
OS: Debian 7 - 64 bitDid standard installation using apt-get(instructions from ipython.org) , it works fine.System installation version: 0.13.1But the notebook has code that requires me to use ipython dev branch
http://nbviewer.ipython.org/github/qiime/qiime/blob/1.8.0/examples/ipynb/illumina_overview_tutorial.ipynbThe first code block.
Hence did git clone of ipython repofollowed by $python setup.py build$python setup.py install --prefix=/home/pg/local_bin/ipython/bin
when run ipython from the installed bin folder I get,$ ./ipythonTraceback (most recent call last):  File "./ipython", line 4, in <module>    from IPython import start_ipythonImportError: cannot import name start_ipython
Now i did google the error, played around with PYTHONPATH and PATH variables as suggested in posts on Stackoverflow.
But that did not work, please suggest.
Regards,--Prakhar GaurSenior Research FellowIndian Agricultural Research Institute, New DelhiIN.

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