[IPython-dev] Widget idea: Global Parameters

Jacob Biesinger jake.biesinger at gmail.com
Fri Apr 4 12:01:34 EDT 2014


I don't follow this list very closely but had an idea I thought worth
sharing.  I'm not sure if this is the right list to share to but here goes:

I find myself creating notebooks as reports on different datasets and
parameters.  There are a few global variables listed at the top and after
the code munging phase is complete, I make duplicates of the notebook, only
changing the global variables and rerunning all the cells.  This quickly
becomes unmanageable.  Additional notebooks are hard to maintain and tweak
whereas maintaining a single notebook means I have to rerun the report for
every tweak. I also can't compare reports without copying notebooks.

What if we had a way to specify "report parameters", global variables you
can modify using a widget interface (dropdown, slider, input box, etc but
tied to multiple cells or possibly the whole notebook) and a caching
mechanism to store notebook contents for each combination of report
parameters? I'm imagining quickly switching the dataset for a series of
graphs I'm looking at and having the graphs already cached for the ones
I've looked at, or having the report run for any new combinations.

I suppose I could open multiple tabs on the same report to simulate some of
this though it seems the autosaves would conflict.

Thanks for listening!
Jake Biesinger
Graduate Student
Xie Lab, UC Irvine
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