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Sat Apr 5 20:58:55 EDT 2014

On Fri, Apr 4, 2014 at 9:01 AM, Jacob Biesinger <jake.biesinger at gmail.com>wrote:

> What if we had a way to specify "report parameters", global variables you
> can modify using a widget interface (dropdown, slider, input box, etc but
> tied to multiple cells or possibly the whole notebook) and a caching
> mechanism to store notebook contents for each combination of report
> parameters? I'm imagining quickly switching the dataset for a series of
> graphs I'm looking at and having the graphs already cached for the ones
> I've looked at, or having the report run for any new combinations.

Paul Ivanov might chime in soon, he and I discussed this a while back and I
think he might even have some prototype code that could be a useful
starting point.

This is both a really important problem, and one that I think a lot of
progress can be made on before we need to think about changes in IPython

The direction Paul and I were considering was to annotate a cell with
metadata indicating that it contains parameters, and then have something
like runipy create new copies of the notebook varying each parameter over
the specified range.  I actually think it's better, for now, to explicitly
create copies of all notebooks, so it's a little easier to simply open one
and look at it. I would have the tool simply dump the 'children' notebooks
with names that make them all easy to later remove/clean up. But that makes
it possible to simply open any one of them and inspect it, re-execute it
manually with further tweaks, etc.

And, it's the simplest thing that can possibly work, before thinking too
hard about building new GUIs or anything else. All you need is:

- a note in the cell metadata.
- some markup syntax to specify in the cell the parameter ranges you want.
- a wrapper script that uses something like runipy and loops over the lot.

That's what I'd do *first*, until I understood the use cases and problems
better...  And the nice thing is that you can do all that today, without
needing anything new whatsoever from upstream or having to mess with the
code in IPython itself.



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