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On Sun, Apr 6, 2014 at 8:06 AM, Maximilian Albert <
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> somewhat complementary, but it might be useful to combine some of the
> ideas mentioned here with tools like Sumatra [1], which might be
> useful for further automization and/or reproducibility. I haven't
> thought about this deeply, but offhand I could imagine that it would
> help with some of the caching issues mentioned (because the outcome of
> different simulation/analysis runs is stored in a database, so it
> would be easy to get the data or plots corresponding to a specific
> parameter set).

Indeed, and we're very much of the opinion that such efforts should be
taken outside of the core IPython code. That makes life easier for
everyone: third parties can develop new ideas without bottlenecking on our
already too small team, and we manage to keep a modicum of control over the
scope of IPython.

Obviously if experience builds in such an effort that points to
improvements being needed in IPython, we're always happy to make them. But
it's much better to run as far as possible outside of the core code (even
if it requires temporary workarounds).



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