[IPython-dev] Slideshow mode for IPython 2.0

Damián Avila damianavila at gmail.com
Wed Apr 9 13:52:54 EDT 2014

People, you are mistaken two things... three in fact...

1) IPython slides, generated from IPython.nbconvert using reveal.js, static
presentations. About the customization, you can check some of my blog post
about it: http://www.damian.oquanta.info/categories/slideshow.html. There
are a lot of things to improve, and it will be discussed soon here and in
proper issues.

2) Slideshow mode: This is a js hack from Mathias, which let you see the
IPython notebook as a slideshow, but it is live, I mean you can run code in
the slideshow itself... and the installation step are described here
(possibly outdated, and I don't know if it is IPython 2.0 compatible, I did
not check it yet):

3) Live_Reveal IPython extension, which gives you an slideshow powered by
reveal.js, but not static as IPython slides, instead they are lives, I mean
you can execute code as with the slidemode. This is still in development
and working in IPython 1.x... I am not making the adjustment to use it in
IPython 2.0: https://github.com/damianavila/live_reveal

Hope it is more clear right now...

2014-04-09 14:16 GMT-03:00 Alessandro Gagliardi <
alessandro.gagliardi at glassdoor.com>:

>  I used IPython-2.0.0-dev extensively in making slides these past few
> months. (I used 2.0 because I had better luck with getting speaker notes to
> render, though it is still inconsistent and I don't know why.)
>  I think the notebook you linked to is no longer relevant though. These
> days, to make my slides, I just run
> ipython nbconvert my_notebook.ipynb --to slides
> from the command line and it works great.
> reveal.js does need to be in that directory.
>  I definitely have a wish list of things I'd like to see developed with
> the slide conversion (for example, I've found styling the slides to be
> impossibly difficult.) I think it's also confusing because this is such a
> new feature and has changed so many times since it was first introduced
> that it's easy to find things like the link below that are no longer needed
> (and probably don't work anymore). I suppose that's the price of working on
> the bleeding edge.
>  -Alessandro
>   Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2014 16:38:50 +0100
>  From: Phil Elson <pelson.pub at gmail.com>
> Subject: [IPython-dev] Slideshow mode for IPython 2.0
>  Just wondering if anybody has taken the slideshow mode and made it work
> with IPython notebook 2.0.0 yet? I did try the notebook at
> http://nbviewer.ipython.org/github/fperez/nb-slideshow-template/blob/master/install-support.ipynbbut
> I suspect the internals have changed sufficiently between v1.x and
> v2.x
> to prevent it working with the latest version.
>  Looks like the repo hasn't been updated in a while, so wondered if
> anybody
> was working on this?
>  Cheers,
>  Phil
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