[IPython-dev] SiteMap and Indexes for nbviewer

Doug Blank doug.blank at gmail.com
Sat Apr 19 06:08:27 EDT 2014

nbviewer is a great utility for showing notebooks. However, when you start
to get a collection of notebooks, it can be difficult to use nbviewer
usefully. To solve this issue, we wrote a couple of Python programs to
create Index.ipynb files for directories, and SiteMap.ipynb to index all of
the notebooks. (We hope that this is in the spirit of what nbviewer was


* If you have a README.md in a directory, it will be added as a cell in the
* Each Index creates links to subfolders with Index.ipynbfiles  and to
notebooks in the folder
* Allows you to add a header to each page

The code is quite basic at this point, but we'll revise and incorporate new
features and better structure as we develop it.

Here is our SiteMap and toplevel Index:



The code is here:


Limitations: currently no links back to top; you have to update the cached
nbviewer version (using url + "?create=1") outside of this code.

Ideas/suggestions welcomed; hope this can be of use,

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