[IPython-dev] Shortcut to convert cell between code and markdown while remaining in edit mode?

Zoltán Vörös zvoros at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 03:27:57 EDT 2014


On 21/04/14 01:01, Maximilian Albert wrote:
> Unfortunately, adding the code you posted to the file 
> .ipython/profile_nbserver/static/custom/custom.js didn't make any 
> difference - it seems like the code is simply ignored (I am starting 
> the notebook using --profile=nbserver, so it should be the correct 
> file, right?).

It is not ignored, but the old js is probably still in the cache of your 
browser. You should clear the cache, whenever you change custom.js.

> The only minor drawback is that this also resets the cursor back to 
> the beginning of the cell (as James noticed in his other email). I 
> guess whatever the fix is would work in both cases?
It is possible to read out the cursor's position, and set it. You could 
check the code that is called when you split a cell, and see how it is 
done there.

I hope this helps,


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