[IPython-dev] Sharing Custom Widgets

Pierre Villeneuve pierre.villeneuve at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 18:32:26 EDT 2014

I am working on a Notebook project where I want to build an HTML view of my
analysis results, potentially including a good bit of JavaScript.
 Initially I had decided my display would not need to communicate with
anything in Python land and would simply be an isolated interactive
display.  It's not done yet, and I am still struggling with the JavaScript
parts.  Currently I display my HTML and run my JavaScript via IPython's
rich display functions.

I really like the new Widget system and I am considering switching over as
I have new ideas for possible interaction with my display.  I have looked
through a number of examples for custom widget's, but it's not clear how
one might share a custom widget for use by other users.  I see that I can
define everything in a couple of Notebook cells, and then require the user
to step through and execute them.  Or I could require the user to place
files inside their .profile's  static/custom folder, but that seems awkward.

Does there exist a prescription for how I might package a custom widget for
simple installation by a remote users?  From my simple investigation so
far, it looks like RequireJS looks for JavaScript modules in two places:
the default ipython/html folder, or under the user's profile static folder.
 It would be nice if there was a mechanism to specify an additional folder,
e.g. a static folder I define as part of my package that gets installed by
the user.

Thanks for any advice.

*Pierre Villeneuve*
pierre.villeneuve at gmail.com
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