[IPython-dev] terminal syntax highlighting?

Gösta Ljungdahl gostal at foi.se
Thu Apr 24 11:13:16 EDT 2014

New to this list.


OpenSuse 12.2 (x86_64)

Python 2.7.6 |Anaconda 1.9.2 (64-bit)| (default, Jan 17 2014, 10:13:17)

IPython 1.1.0 -- An enhanced Interactive Python.

I installed anaconda a week or two ago intending to learn python in
general and numpy/matplotlib in particular. I seem to remember there was
syntax highlighting in the interactive console. I do

> ipython --pylab

in xterm to fire up the system. (I have uninstalled the distro IPython
so there is only one)

I then upgraded to IPython 2.0.0 and the syntax highlighting I expected
was no more. I thought perhaps it was due to the upgrade so chucked out
Anaconda and reinstalled it thus downgrading IPython. Still no syntax
highlighting in the interactive terminal. Syntax highlighting is present
in Anaconda's IDLE and also in the qtconsole. Ipython docs tells about
"bells and whistles" regarding colours but I can't seem to dig up any
info confirming or denying syntax highlighting in the interactive
terminal. Now, am I getting senile, or what? Was there never any syntax
highlighting in the interactive terminal?

Please set my mind straight and if there, indeed, was syntax
highlighting: why is it gone now?


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