[IPython-dev] multicell cut-copy-paste in the notebook (working prototype)

Paul Ivanov pi at berkeley.edu
Mon Apr 28 19:17:29 EDT 2014

Hey gang,

I wrote this up over the weekend, and now have confirmation from
a few other IPython developers that the installation instructions
are working, so pinging the list in case you've been wanting this
functionality and want to start playing with it.


>From the README:

> IPython Notebook Collective Cut-Copy-Paste
> A working prototype for multi-cell cut-copy-paste in the
> notebook. This functionality will be in the next version of
> IPython, this is just the first stab at an implementation so we
> (and you!) can start playing with it.

You can install it as an extension and try it out without having
to run / update to IPython master (it works in IPython 2.0):

cd $(ipython locate)/nbextensions
git clone https://github.com/ivanov/nb-cccp
echo "require(['nbextensions/nb-cccp'], function (copy_paste) {
    console.log('copy_paste extension loaded');
    });" >> $(ipython locate profile)/static/custom/custom.js

(I've tweeted this out, if you want to retweet to spread the
word: https://twitter.com/ivanov/status/460917106385506306)
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