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Kyle Kelley rgbkrk at gmail.com
Fri Aug 1 21:54:29 EDT 2014

Earlier this week we released an experimental base Docker image for the
IPython notebook:


As well as a Docker image for the notebook viewer (which will be used in
production soon):



Several folks have reached out about these images, and I'd like to get a
conversation started amongst those that want to build from a common base.
There are, after all, a *lot* of ipython images up on Docker already.
Additionally, there is a LONG thread on the software carpentry mailing list

There are some open questions from me:

* Who should the user be inside the container?
  * Should they be able to install more packages?
  * In a chef cookbook and deployment setup, I just made the user named

* Is it ok to force HTTPS?
  * If we do, we're stuck with self signed certs or requiring them to
provide them on run
  * This isn't really the right way to compose applications with Docker and
probably makes things problematic for anyone building on top of ours

* Who is our target audience?
  * People deploying notebooks across their organization for users?
  * Students (and their teachers) wanting access to an easy analytics

* What would you see out of a base image? Where would the value be?

* Would people like to see a bleeding latest image that you can spin up to
see the current state of the IPython notebook by just running `docker run

* Do people want a base image that has a large portion of the scipy stack?

I'll stop with these and see where the discussion takes us.
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