[IPython-dev] Url routes for individual cells

Paddy Mullen paddy at paddymullen.com
Thu Aug 7 11:17:53 EDT 2014

I would like to be able to "pop out" analysis cells into separate windows.
 It would be useful if each cell could get it's own url route.

with routes like
implementing the pop out feature would be easy.

I think it would help to have a concept of visual cell number vs executed
cell number.  I don't think the notebook has this right now.  It would be
annoying to have to pop out a new window every time you re execute the
original code cell.

I saw this pull request, it's not clear if this is doing something similar
https://github.com/ipython/ipython/pull/6148 IFrames in all places.

Any thoughts on this?
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