[IPython-dev] requesting feedback: IPython-BusinessNeed draft report

Imelda Llanos de Luna illanos at cal.berkeley.edu
Thu Aug 7 23:22:25 EDT 2014

Hi,I'm a Business Analyst, volunteering my services.  I am performing analysis of the IPython project, and I have completed a DRAFT of the Business Need section of the report.  For the draft, I performed a document analysis to help write the draft, pulling written sections that existed on other documents.  Please review the draft, and provide feedback by Thurs (8/14).  I welcome it, and any other corrections and clarifications that can be provided.
Again, this is only one section of the report, solely focused on defining the business need at a high level. There are more sections left to write: http://nbviewer.ipython.org/github/ofcloudpeople/Business-Analysis/blob/IPythonProject/IPython-BusinessNeed.ipynb .  Note also: I had to close the gap between the time the project started in 2001 to the present.  I believe I was able to close it as written.  If yes , then any writing in the next sections can focus on present goals and objectives, requirements, etc.
Thank you.

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