[IPython-dev] changing working directory from IPython server

Mark Bakker markbak at gmail.com
Fri Aug 8 10:03:21 EDT 2014

Oops, I am running IPython 2.0.
Is this better in 2.1?
If so, then very sorry for the noise and have a nice weekend.
(If not: help!)

On Fri, Aug 8, 2014 at 4:00 PM, Mark Bakker <markbak at gmail.com> wrote:

> Brian, I sure hope I am doing something wrong.
> What I do is click on 'To import a notebook, drag the file onto the
> listing below or *click here*. When I click there, a window pops up, I got
> to the directory with my ipython file, click on it, and then it shows up in
> the list of files, with next to it a blue Upload button. When I click on
> the Upload button the notebook is copied to the directory where I started
> the IPython Notebook.
> But I don't want to copy the Notebook to that directory (also cause the
> data files associated with the notebook are still in the old directory). Am
> I doing something wrong?
> Mark
> Brian Granger <ellisonbg at gmail.com> wrote:
> The notebook shouldn't behave as you describe in 2.1. Notebooks should be
> saved in the directory they are created. There is something fishy going
> on...
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> On Fri, Aug 8, 2014 at 3:27 PM, Mark Bakker <markbak at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello List,
>> I know this has been discussed before, but it doesn't seem to be resolved.
>> Currently (v.2.1 on my machine) I can start an IPython notebook server
>> anywhere.
>> Then click and open an IPython Notebook anywhere else.
>> That IPython Notebook then gets copied to the directory where I started
>> the server.
>> Problem with that workflow is that that is rarely what you want it to do.
>> Is there any way, or are there any plans, to be able to change the
>> working directory from the Notebook server page (the one that opens when
>> you type 'ipython notebook')? It would make my life, and that of my
>> students, SO much easier.
>> Thanks for all the great work.
>> Mark
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