[IPython-dev] Automatically saving notebooks as scripts has been removed

Filipe Pires Alvarenga Fernandes ocefpaf at gmail.com
Fri Aug 8 18:25:10 EDT 2014

> We'll reinstate --script for IPython 3, using the nbconvert machinery to
> write notebooks, but it will be deprecated.

So the final decision is to remove...  I will try one last pitch here.

I believe that, even for people using the Jupyter with other languages
(Julia, Haskell, etc), the "--script" option is useful.  My group uses the
notebook for visualization and the "script" for diffs on github by
committing them together*.  Having the script updated/saved automatically
with the "--script" flag is a big help for our workflow.  Converting the
notebooks via the command line or using the UI would be regression for our
use case.

I am sure that someone will come up with a %magic or a github hook for
that, but this feature is already there and, IMHO, I do not see a reason
for it to go

*Or at least until a project like nbdiff takes off.


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