[IPython-dev] IPython-Stakeholder Analysis

Imelda Llanos de Luna illanos at cal.berkeley.edu
Tue Aug 19 15:02:45 EDT 2014

Thanks for the warm welcome last week, everyone.
If it's okay, while the DRAFT of the Business Need is under review, I'd like to proceed with performing a Stakeholder Analysis of IPython project to show the different stakeholder groups and layers. I haven't spotted one on the various links, although different pages provide a good idea of most of the stakeholder groups if not all.  If there is a list or visualization and I missed seeing it, let me know.  Otherwise, I can draft something.
Also, if you'd like an example of a Stakeholder Analysis, please contact me at illanos(at)cal.berkeley .edu , and I'll email you a link to one I completed at UC Berkeley.
As for the draft of the Business Need, it can be further elaborated on, e.g. more benchmarking of competitors if it doesn't exist and it would be helpful. I would go into more detail of who they are, their size, their product, their customers, their reach, their cost/fees, etc. Just let me know with any feedback when you have a moment to provide feedback.  Thanks a bunch.
Sincerely,Imelda Llanos de Luna 		 	   		  
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