[IPython-dev] Using gevent for IPython CLI and notebook

graffitici at yahoo.com graffitici at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 21 04:15:27 EDT 2014


I'm developing an interactive app that uses gevent Greenlets. I want to have some tasks running in the background while users are interacting with the IPython command-line or the notebook. I realize gevent support will probably never be in the trunk, but I don't mind distributing a modified version of IPython. I've been trying to get this to work in this thread:

adgaudio has been kind enough to help me there. But I still can't replicate what he observes. I tried it with both my system Python from homebrew, and the one in the Anaconda environment he suggested.

I created the following repo:

Can somebody quickly give it a try, and see that they get the "Expected output", as opposed to the "Observed output" that I see?

I've been trying to get this for almost a month now, and I have no clue how to proceed..


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