[IPython-dev] Listing books on the home page, a policy proposal. Feedback?

Moritz Beber moritz.beber at gmail.com
Thu Aug 21 17:11:32 EDT 2014


I don't have strong opinions on this but wanted to give you my user

> One quick note: Brian noted that the website is way too busy already,
> which is true. But I want to decouple this specific decision about books
> from an entire website redesign conversation. I think that books are one of
> the things that actually should belong on the main homepage, as they are a
> very important resource related to the project and that benefits it in
> multiple ways.  So let's assume that any redesigned home page will have
> *some* space for a small image pointing to a book, and the discussion here
> is about what to put there and how to provide a policy publishers can all
> know about.
In terms of website design: You probably discussed this in the meeting but
I would always look for books in the documentation section. Some authors
show a link right on the front page but I think that's mostly the case
where the package and book author are one and the same, and it is a means
of financing the project. ggplot2 did that for a while, for example. Since
IPython seems nicely financed by now and the book(s) were written by third
parties, I feel they don't need a prominent position on the front page.
Python.org has a suggestion in the FAQ:
which seems less than visible to me but if I had that many books written
about my project I would probably chose a similar path.

So overall the docs section just seems to hit the spot for me.

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