[IPython-dev] Just for fun: chatbot in Jupyter/IPython3

Doug Blank doug.blank at gmail.com
Fri Aug 22 11:46:47 EDT 2014

Just testing out the new ipython-master and jupyterhub repositories. If you
are trying those, you can easily add a chatbot kernel:

$ pip install chatbot_kernel

Now you can use a console with chatbot_kernel, or select "Chatbot" from the
notebook. Perhaps this type of kernel could actually be made into a
help-bot, or tutor. Or just to have some fun :)

$ ipython console --kernel chatbot_kernel
(loads after a few seconds; loading databases...)
(hit enter to display messages; need to flush)

In [1]: Hello
Hi there!

In [2]: Who are you?

In [3]: What time is it?
The time here is Fri Aug 22 11:35:00 2014

In [4]: Do you like movies?
Yes, I love film, especially science-fiction and comedy.

In [5]: What is your favorite movie?
My favorite movie is . Have you seen     ?

In [6]: You have some bugs
What makes you think I have bugs?

In [7]: Do you have a mother?
No I only have a father.

In [8]: What is your father's name?
My  is .

In [9]: I have a fear of spiders
Interesting. I have a lot of answers to silly questions.

In [10]: What do you want to do?
I would like to study psychology and maybe go into law or politics.

In [11]: I like computer science
What do you think of the way the press covers your field?

In [12]: It is mostly hype
Really.  mostly hype is?

In [13]: Have you heard of Jupyter?
No, tell me about him, her or it.

In [14]: It is a system for computing
mostly hype is a system for computing. I suppose that makes sense.

In [15]: I see you take my words and re use them
Yes I take his words and re use them.

In [16]: Ok, goodbye
"Yes I take his words and re use them."? Ok, goodbye?. Sayonara.


PS - source is at:
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