[IPython-dev] __future__ statements in ipython -i test.py

Thomas Ballinger tom at hackerschool.com
Sat Aug 30 12:32:16 EDT 2014

While addressing a bug in bpython, I found that (terminal) ipython and
python differ in behavior when a file test.py contains

    from __future__ import division

and I run (i)python -i test.py and then enter 1/2. The behavior is the same

    $ (i)python -i -c 'from __future__ import division'

and then doing some division.

Before I look too far into if fixing the problem in bpython is possible, I
wanted to see if I could crib off of your collective experience with this.
Is this behavior difficult to implement, not actually desirable, or just
not something someone has gotten around to? After Thomas's excellent
answers last time to my encoding questions I tend to think you all have
dealt with any problem I face a few times already and thought about it more
than I have. :)

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