[IPython-dev] misc debian packaging recomm.

Thomas Kluyver takowl at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 20:34:44 EST 2014

On 2 December 2014 at 17:19, Brian M Hamlin <maplabs at light42.com> wrote:

> we are ramping up our excellent Ubuntu-based Linux "distro" and reading
> the build log, I see this package list for the IPython install.
>  Any comments ?   thanks in advance
>  --
>  LUbuntu 14.04 base build
>  The following extra packages will be installed:
>    fonts-lyx libamd2.3.1 libarmadillo4 libarpack2 libblas3 libcamd2.3.1
> libccolamd2.8.0 libcholmod2.1.2 libcolamd2.8.0 libdap11 libdapclient3
> libepsilon1 libfreexl1 libgdal1h libgeos-3.4.2 libgeos-c1 libgfortran3
> libhdf4-0-alt libhdf5-7 libkml0 liblapack3 libnetcdfc7 libodbc1 libogdi3.2
> libpq5 libproj0 libspatialite5 libtcl8.6 libtk8.6 libumfpack5.6.2
> liburiparser1 libxerces-c3.1 odbcinst odbcinst1debian2 proj-data
> python-affine python-dateutil python-decorator python-gdal
> python-matplotlib-data python-numpy python-pandas-lib python-pyparsing
> python-scientific python-tz

How are you getting this? IPython shouldn't depend on all that stuff, and
Ubuntu does not appear to be doing anything strange with dependencies:

>  pps- I have taken the stance that pip install is "ok" or better, while
> others are not convinced..

Apt is technically a much superior packaging system, but for anything
that's actively developed and released separately from the distro, it's
almost always out of date. Ubuntu 14.04 has IPython 1.2.1, while the
current release is 2.3.1, and we're looking to have 3.0 out some time early
in the new year. So I'd strongly recommend installing a newer version if

The distros' argument is that they want to give users a stable version, and
they'll backport bugfixes as necessary. But, especially if you're sticking
with Ubuntu LTS versions, that does mean the IPython packages get left way
behind the current state of development.

Best wishes,
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