[IPython-dev] plugin for Sublime Text editor

Nezar Alexander Abdennur nezar at mit.edu
Mon Feb 3 18:53:08 EST 2014

Hello devs,

First time caller, occasional listener (...just another procrastinating
grad student :p) . I would first of all, just like to thank you for all
your great work! IPython is a wonderful tool!

So, I'm not much of a vim or emacs person (yet!), but I do enjoy using
SublimeText as a general purpose editor. It's sexy and cross-platform.
Though, one thing I missed from my old work flows in Matlab was to be able
to evaluate small code snippets between double-comment tags -- similar to
notebook cells but without the output being embedded in the document. So I
wrote a small plugin to do just that with Sublime. I thought I would share.
Any feedback or ideas are more than welcome!


It's really just a little hack: the plugin opens a default python or a
virtualenv python subprocess to connect to an existing kernel instance and
execute the cell code. Right now, the script runs on the editor's main
thread, but I've got a nonblocking version in development on a separate

One issue I ran into is that I can't figure out how to obtain the stdout
when I send code over the execute wire so that, e.g. I can display the
output of print statements either in the text editor's console or, better
yet, in the terminal console. Is this possible?

I actually got a chance to meet and talk to Fernando briefly at a data
science symposium at Harvard just over a week ago, and he encouraged me to
ping the mailing list. He also pointed me to the very similar vim-ipython
project, which I'll definitely be taking a look at for inspiration! :)


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